The Power of 3

Leadership is not defined by style or personality.  It is defined by actions.  The Power of 3 provides a paradigm for leadership in three areas.  The foundation is the underpinning necessary to build a leadership career.  The challenges are the three obstacles all leaders must learn to navigate.  Achievement deals with the three areas where leaders need to take action for success.

The Power Of Three

It's amazing how many times the number 3 comes up in everyday life.  The Power of 3, Lessons in Leadership builds a structure for leadership based on combinations of three.  Within this structure are straightforward building blocks of a leadership philosophy that is comprehensive, intuitive, and attainable.  Leadership is not about style or personality.  It is about actions to enable a group of people to succeed beyond what any of them could do alone.  Give it a go.  You will be surprised by how many "AHA" moments you will encounter in your own leadership journey.  You will also be able to quickly and astutely zero in on the causes and potential solutions of leadership failures you will see every day.



Honesty is the ability to see the world and your situation within that world THE WAY IT IS!

Not the way you WANT it to be.

Not the way you think it SHOULD be.

Not the way it COULD be if those in charge would get out of your way.

Building your map of the world and your place enables you to better interact with others who have their own maps of the world.




There are three reasons expectations are unmet.

Someone didn't know WHAT to do.

Someone didn't know HOW to do it.

Someone didn't WANNA do it.

The follower is only responsible for the last one.  The leader is responsible for the other two.

HOW is the hard part.  Those performing the tasks need to have talent, means, time, and resources to accomplish the task.

If you give someone a five pound bag and ask them to pick up 10 pounds of stuff off the floor, you lose the right to complain about which 5 pounds they choose to pick up.




No leader can do everything.  They must depend on others for success of the group.  This means crediting others when things work well and accepting blame when they don't.  It doesn't matter if you were personally the cause of the success or the failure.  The leader is responsible for both.  In order to depend on others, you MUST delegate authority rather than delegate responsibility.  You own the latter.  The authority belongs where the problems will be identified and resolved.

Making people understand that success depends on them provides them with ownership. Making that dependence known to others enhances their esteem.  The most powerful words a leader can utter are, “I depend on you.”


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